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Renée, Richard, and I saw *Ink* on 7/3/19. It’s a new play by James Graham about Rupert Murdoch buying The Sun and turning it around, with the help of editor Larry Lamb. It was fast, loud, and exciting. I had the feeling that it would be nearly as effective in Turkish, it would have the same kind of impact. It had an unusually large cast for a play - - when was the last time I saw eighteen people in a curtain call for a play? *The Coast of Utopia*?


Bertie Carvel won the Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Play for his performance as Murdoch. Renée was impressed by his hunched posture - - you could tell that wasn’t the actor’s inherent posture when he took his curtain call. Richard was bothered by his high-pitched voice. We thought it must have been what Murdoch himself sounded like, but that turned out to not be the case (thanks again, YouTube). Johnny Lee Miller was wonderful as Lamb. I’ve been a fan of his movie work for years and it was a treat to see him onstage.


I had a bit of a feeling that the show was overly tarted up. The set design, the video projections, the lighting design, and whoa, there was a lot of music. This all added up to feel that director Rupert Goold didn’t quite trust the material to stand on its own.























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