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We woke up at 4:30 AM, the alarm was set for 5:22.  A little breakfast.  Our car arrived at 6:05 AM, I went down to put our rent check in the mail and brought down two bags.  Richard came down with the rest of the bags.  I asked him, “Do you have your coat?”  He went back upstairs, I put the bags in the car.  He came back down.  I asked him, “Do you have your passport?”  He went back upstairs, this time for a while.  He came back down, and started frantically looking through his backpack.


ME: Is it in your jacket pocket?


ME: Is it in your pants pocket?

RICHARD: Would you please stop asking me questions, I looked through all my pockets.

ME: [pointing to his passport in his shirt pocket] Is that it right there?

We pulled away from the curb at about 6:25.  Let’s do a little What I Wore, shall we?  With the new addition of What Richard Wore:


WIW: black turtleneck, black and navy check sport coat, jeans.

WRW: light blue shirt, navy sport coat, jeans.


Our car was quick, the driver wasn’t too chatty (which is appreciated).  A quick word about Hurricane Sandy - - it started brewing the Saturday before the Friday we left.  Thankfully we live so far uptown and at such a high elevation that we weren’t affected at all.  They announced they were shutting down the subway on Sunday evening, so Richard and I went online and ordered a car service to and from work for Monday through Thursday.  There was no car service to be had by Monday morning, you can be sure of that, so we were smart to book it so far in advance.  Richard didn’t go to work on Tuesday because there was no power in his building.  I went to work all four days, and was the only secretary out of six who made it to work on Tuesday, so that was pretty satisfying.  It was a pretty grueling week at work, very long days, and we were both thrilled to take off on our honeymoon.


Smooth sailing getting onto the plane.   Here's a cute picture of me putting on my shoes after going through security.






















We had a long list of movies to choose from, and we chose to watch *Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter*, which was a blast.  The actress playing Mary Todd Lincoln looked familiar, but I couldn’t place her.  Delicious breakfast on the plane: scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, sausage, and English bacon (which is similar to Canadian bacon, only with a posh accent).  Also a roll, an apple turnover, OJ, and tea.


We did a crossword, I watched an episode of *Veep*, Richard watched an episode of *Modern Family*, it was such a delight hearing him laugh his head off next to me.  I met a friend of Richard’s on the way to our seats, his friend Juan who he’s known since 1984.  We saw Juan again when we got our bags and we sat with him on the shuttle leaving the airport.  He told us some great stories from his days working with Leona Helmsley, aka Mrs. H.

Richard and Juan:



















We took a cab to the hotel - - the Royal Garden Hotel, right behind Kensington Palace.  Richard’s friend Mark works at the hotel, and he gave us a free upgrade to a room with a king size bed and a view of the Palace, also left us a bottle of champagne and some chocolates.  We had a toast, toggled between *Public Enemies* and *The Godfather Part Two* on TV.  Lights out at midnight, which was only 7 PM New York time, but we fell right asleep.  I had dreams about Mrs. H.






















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