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Frank and I saw this musical on Broadway on 12/29.  It’s a revival of a show from 1997 with music by Henry Krieger (who did *Dreamgirls*) and a book and lyrics by Bill Russell (who did nothing else I’ve heard of).  Frank and I have been interested in seeing it for a while - - it’s closing this weekend, so we caught it just in time.  It’s the true story of Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins from the 30s, joined at the hip and buttocks (that’s one I’d never heard of before) who started off performing in freak shows and became stars of vaudeville.


Good news first?  The production was very strong - - the sets and costumes were first rate, the cast was generally very good, the women playing the twins (Erin Davie and Emily Padgett) especially good.  The audience was rabid, they cheered lustily at any opportunity.


Bad news?  It’s not a very good show.  The music is not inspired - - I hope it’s a good long time before I hear another power ballad.  The lyrics are worse, the worst lyrics I’ve heard in a musical since *Les Miz*.  There were a couple of songs that were so weak, I felt like I was seeing the show in New Haven at its out-of-town tryout.  I saw it for cheap, I guess I’m glad I saw it, but I definitely don’t ever need to see it again.

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