I turned 50 on April 18, 2018 and my mom decided to send the word out to friends and family to send me socks.  For one thing, she knows that I'm into socks.  But more importantly, to her, socks are the central element in a favorite story in the Ryan Family Lore...

It was sometime around 1971.  My family was hanging out with my Aunt Karen and Uncle Ken and their family.  Two sets of parents and five kids: my cousin Heidi was 10, my cousin Kent was 6, my brother Howard was 9, my brother Patrick was 6, and I was a darling little fine-boned tow-headed 3-year-old boy child.  The five kids were all yammering away.  I was generally quiet, because it's hard to get a word in edgewise with this group, but eventually I felt I had to say something about Heidi's socks.  My cousin Heidi was wearing an especially groovy pair of knee-high socks.  So I said, "Nice socks."  But since I had a lisp, it sounded more like, "Nithe thockth."  Could anything be cuter?

So over the course of April and into May, our mailbox was packed with socks, being sent from all over the country, and one pair all the way from freaking Friesland.  Thankth!





















































































































































































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