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Australia Day Eleven, Sun 1/24/16

Breakfast at the hotel, as usual.  Paul and Annie picked us up and we went to Bondi Beach with the boys, and most especially to meet up with Annie's old friend Danny, who is another of Sebastian's godparents.  Danny's wife Teya was also there, and one of their sons and their nephew.  Annie wanted to get a picture of the whole group, especially of Sebastian and his two godfathers, but Sebastian would have none of it.  Here's the group pic, and Sebastian on the side.

A word about my hat: Richard and I had forgotten our baseball caps at the hotel, and spending an hour or so at the beach seemed like a recipe for disaster for me, so I was on the lookout for a hat.  I saw two choices at the shops I went to: either I spend $30 on a hat I didn't really like, or I spent $5 on a silly hat that I would leave in Sydney.  Of course I chose the $5 hat, and of course Annie razzed me about it.  It was a silly hat.  Here's a better pic, which better captures its vibe:

We picked up some lunch and went over to Paul and Annie's to hang out for a while.  I had a delicious Nicoise salad, I was craving a salad in the biggest way.

The boys watched *Minions*, which none of us had seen.  We were drawn into it about midway through, it's hilarious.  And since we had missed the beginning, we rewound it and watched the beginning.


We met up with Mark and Sue and the eight of us took a walk through Balls Head Reserve.  Beautiful place, with marvelous views of the city.  Paul and I walked through a beautiful battered old tunnel, which we thought would be a great site for classical music.
























Our walk ended up at a sweet little seating area and we took a few pictures.

























And then, sadly, we had to say goodbye Mark and Sue, and to Annie and the boys.  Paul drove us to the hotel and I got all teary when I said goodbye to him.  Richard said, "Oh Christopher, you DO have a heart!"


We had a little time to hang out but then went back to the Spiegeltent (where we'd seen *Songs For the Fallen* the night before) to meet Richard's friend Adam for a drink.  They've known each other from the hotel business for ages, and have many mutual friends (and mutual boils on the behind, I imagine).  Adam is hilarious.  His friend Kathy joined us later on.

Can you imagine - - I don't remember what Richard and I did for dinner that night.

LOVE, Chris

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